were listening to our future by miles atmospheric on the sky healing EP came out on the firescope level. miles atmospheric is a pseudonym of miles sunya when he releases more, gets ambient stuff. Miss releases house records he owns atmospheric existence records

with some really nice, deep past

12 inches in the last,

I guess they've been going about 10 years or so.

No, this is just a really nice

ambient track.

Suffice gap records

mostly released techno stuff.

It's owned by

Steven rata, who

founded b 12. Kind of seminal techno outfit in the

early 90s.

Check them out to

over minor with latigo on

politics, which I think is their level. I'm not sure.

Yeah, so other than minor.

Tommy Ned Russell.

They've been releasing

records as a miner for a couple of years.

I think since around 2016 or so they have, like free like I guess breakbeat techno is their thing. Ed Russell is also known as Tesla. And Tom Russell is also known as trusts when they produced

techno stuff in their own right

there at least my favorite record of 2018 which was rough living, especially the daisy chain track, which is an

amazing act break beats


breaks whatever

record I got to play that at modular which was a lot of fun.

Last year sometime

Yeah, so this track is

reminds me a lot of

early floating points particularly like

the shadows EP and I was wondering why that is and then it was of course, it's the art

you know, they're making the the melody

and also the the Shafi housie beats reminds me reminded me so much a floating points and I couldn't quite figure out why.

until until recently.

Then of course there's this amen break that pops in an art and didn't hear today to the earlier work.

It's just a great great record.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai