I am a user interface designer, front-end developer and team leader with over twenty years’ experience designing and building web and mobile applications and sites.

I have worked as a designer and front-end developer on large scale financial services web applications, on award winning mobile applications, and am equally comfortable creating small scale community sites. I have a deep understanding of UI and front-end technologies and of the web as a platform, with a particular interest in design systems, style guides and component-based UI libraries.

As a team leader I relish the opportunity to build effective teams, workflows and toolsets, and to lead and support organisations in designing simple, accessible, cohesive and impactful user experiences.

You can also download my CV.

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Building communities is an essential part of what I do. In 2012 I co-founded the Cape Town Front-end Developer meetup and in 2019 the non-profit Front-end Developers South Africa. We have run over 80 monthly talks and workshops and at last count have over 2700 members.

Recently we started a monthly podcast which you can listen to on Soundcloud.

In addition to organising community events I also speak at conferences and meetups and have run a number of workshops. These include DevConf, UX South Africa, The Developer User Group, The Scrum User Group and The Cape Town Dribbble Community.

I am a regular at the Codebridge Community Evening – a collaborative civic tech meetup – where I am part of a team of activists, designers, developers, data scientists and journalists working on a website and data platform for the Budget Justice Coalition, a civil society coalition that aims to collaboratively build people's participation in and understanding of South Africa's budget and planning processes.

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Front-end Developers South Africa (previously Cape Town Front-end Developers) is a registered non-profit organisation supporting the advancement of front-end development in South Africa (new website coming soon).

FEDSA Meetup Group

We're a group of Cape Town-based web developers and designers passionate about the technologies we work with on a daily basis, and we're keen to share what we've learnt. Join the Meetup group to stay up to date with events, talks and workshops.


Codebridge is an open community at the intersection of civic-tech and social change, comprising programmers, activists, data analysts, designers, human rights lawyers, government officials, journalists, visual artists, storytellers and other professions who collaborate on social change projects.

Codebridge Newlands Community Evening

Join the Meetup group to get involved and lend your expertise to civic tech projects.

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